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St Edmundsbury Borough Council  notifies Troston  Parish Council of planning applications that it accepts and that are related to land in the Parish. Once notified of an application the Parish Council then has 21 days to make a representation . If an ordinary meeting of the Parish Council falls within the 21 day period and the application can be included on the next agenda then the matter will be considered at that meeting. If the 21 day period concludes before the next meeting or the matter was not included on an agenda (received too late for inclusion) then an extraordinary meeting may be called to consider a response.

The Parish Council’s response to these applications will be based on PLANNING POLICY only.  When a decision is made on an application, only certain issues are taken into account; these are often referred to as 'material planning considerations'.  Click here to see further details. 

If you wish to comment on an application you must send your comments to the Local Planning Authority (West Suffolk) before the published consultation expiry date.

Troston Parish Council planning committee meets when there are applications to be discussed. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings (which are open to the public) and they will be invited to contribute. Local councils such as Town and Parish Councils do not have a statutory responsibility for services such as planning.  The responsibility for the discharge of this function in the majority of cases rests with District and Borough Councils as the Local Authority.  For Troston this will be St Edmundsbury Borough Council.  Minutes from all planning committee meetings are included in the main Council minutes.  If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like to advise the council of any concerns you may have, please email the clerk

Under St Edmundsbury Borough Council's Local Planning Policy, Troston is classed as a DS1 Settlement which means that proposals should be for minor developments only within the Housing Settlement Boundaries. Click here for more information. 

West Suffolk Strategic Plan sets out what both councils aim to achieve together, with our partners, local businesses, communities and residents.

Planning applications

For more information on what a planning application is and the planning process, including when you need planning permission, tree protection orders, listed buildings and an interactive house which shows you when planning permission is needed click here.

To search for an application go to the West Suffolk website  home page and   click on planning and building regulations, view and comment on planning applications, West Suffolk planning applications. You can then perform a simple search  by keyword, application reference number, postcode or by a single line of an address.  

If you have any other planning queries please visit the web page for West Suffolk's  Planning Department

The Government has just published its ‘Plain English guide to the planning system’. This document seeks to give a succinct summary of how the planning system in England works under 12 headings including national planning policy, neighbourhood planning, obtaining planning permission and planning enforcement Document