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Coronavirus Covid-19


Home But Not Alone
The Parish Council are keen to support efforts where we can to help villagers during the Coronavirus outbreak. Most of us might just experience a rather nasty bout of flu but others face more serious consequences.The current situation involves advice to drastically curtail our social lives and face-to-face contact with other people to save the more vulnerable. Indeed, from this weekend those over 70 or with certain health problems are being asked to self-isolate.
This could mean an unprecedented three-month isolation period for many of us in a bid to slow (but not necessarily halt) the spread of the virus until the health service is better prepared. Until there is widespread testing the government can only base policy on those showing possible symptoms and fearing the worse. Indeed, if a member of your household shows signs of becoming unwell, all the family are being asked to self-isolate.There is lots of advice available on the internet on what to do -
we would recommend https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-homeguidance
or https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19
Please take the trouble to make contact with your immediate neighbours to let them know that you will help where you can with a bit of shopping or a chat over the phone if selfisolating. We suggest you keep to neighbours who will recognise you and know your offer is genuine. It is essential that no one is left to feel abandoned.

Also please don’t hesitate to use Troston’s Facebook page or Nextdoor as a way to share information and provide virtual support. A number of kind souls have already offered their help with shopping. They have established a misinformation policy to help ensure neighbours can find and share helpful and accurate information. Thank you for being a good neighbour.

Home Food Deliveries
Our first home delivery orders from Rambling Rose Coffee House have just left for two local residents electively self-isolating. Not only does this help those vulnerable in our society, it’s helping keeping our economy moving in this unprecedented times. If you’re self isolating or need some help, please call us on 01359 230028 or 07791 394143. By taking payments over the phone, we’re delivering orders to your doorstep without the need to come into contact therefore adhering to social distancing as much as possible! Together, we will bind as a community and stand resilient as us British are always claimed to do!

Food help
I work part time at No.5 Angel Hill in town.... we have decided to try and ease this stressful time and are offering prepared food/ wine and staples for delivery. Phone: 01284 700853 - Stay safe.
From Becci Adams

Meals Delivered
Worried about self isolating for the over 70s? We are delivering meals on wheels from £7 a day for a hot 2 course lunch. Add £3 for an evening salad, sandwich or soup & roll. provide a community service for the vulnerable-email me if you are interested -bookings@casabse.co.uk From Vivien James

Church News
The Archbishops of the Church of England have announced that public worship will have to stop for a season. The usual pattern of Sunday services and other mid-week gatherings will be put on hold. They stated that this does not mean that the Church of England has shut up shop, the church  buildings will open for private prayer and the ministry team will be available as usual. Troston church will be open as always, please use the hand sanitizer gel on arrival and departure. Services will be streamed from the cathedral , check out https://stedscathedral.org/ for details.