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Local Services


Troston Parish Council are happy to include information on local tradesmen, shops and businesses on their website but is unable to individually recommend any professionals. 

Flooding and Drainage 

Information on a number of different flooding and drainage issues (such as ditches, highway drainage, and the responsibilities of private owners) can be found here.



The bus service 332 stops at the bus shelter at Capel Close - timetable for December 2016


There are a number of taxi services in the Bury St Edmunds area.  Phone numbers for these are listed below.

  • A1 Cars - 01284 766 777
  • Getaway Cars - 01284 701 999
  • Alpha Executive Cars (long distance) - 01359 24 27 24

Rubbish Collection

Rubbish is collected every Friday.  St Edmundsbury Borough council operates a three bin system with

  • blue bins for dry recyclables;
  • brown bins for compostable garden waste (there is a charge for this);
  • and black bins for the remaining domestic waste.

Bins are collected on alternate weeks (black bins one week with blue and brown bins the next).  More information, including what can be placed in each bin, can be found here.   

The dog poo bins are included on a separate collection, which will usually be on a Wednesday.  If you notice a bin has not been emptied please email Linda Harley, The Clerk.