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Neighbourhood Watch


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Scheme Title: St Edmundsbury Rural North No.26 ‘Troston’



When Police conduct house to house enquiries after a crime has occurred, they often find that people only then report something that had been seen or heard earlier and that was possibly suspicious or odd, but which had not reported at the time.

On it's own, something might seem odd but trivial, and people might not think it worth reporting.  However it is very often a missing part of a much bigger picture that may very well (and often does!) lead to the identification and conviction of offenders.

If it looks suspicious or odd, no matter what it is, not matter what time it happens - PLEASE call it in on 101 or, if it is an emergency, 999.  Calls to 101 from both landlines and mobile networks cost 15 pence per call, regardless of what time of day or how long the phone call.

What is neighbourhood watch?

it’s one of the most successful crime prevention initiatives ever, based on a simple idea and a central value shared by millions of people across the country.

Getting together with your neighbours to take action can cut local crime

What does it do?

The main aims of neighbourhood watch are:

  • to prevent and reduce crime in our neighbourhoods;
  • to help provide reassurance to people in our communities;
  • to provide appropriate and up-to-date crime reduction advice;
  • to encourage members of our communities to be alert and watchful in looking after themselves and others;
  • to act as a channel of communication - passing on timely information from the police to the community and from the community to the police — to help prevent and detect crimes.

What are the benefits?

  • if you live within a neighbourhood watch scheme you are far less likely to be a victim of crime
  • Neighbourhood watch membership can reduce your household insurance premium
  • You can learn how to improve your personal safety and the security of your home and property
  • You will feel the presence of a greater community spirit
  • You will become part of an established communication network between neighbourhood watch and suffolk police which provides a two way flow of information

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