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Church Wall Paintings

With permission from Simon Knott (www.suffolkchurches.co.uk)

The wall paintings in Troston Church of St Mary The Virgin are in a fine state of repair.

Most prominent are the 15th century figures of St Christopher and St George. St Christopher is familiar from a hundred other East Anglian churches. Virtually every medieval church had his figure opposite the south entrance. But this is a regal Christopher. St George is another fine figure, and a powerful portrait.

There is another figure, a knight on horseback, who appears to be forcing his lance into a dragon-shaped space. It may well be another St George. But it is older than the two larger paintings. It is a reminder that wall paintings in churches were successively covered and repainted as artistic fashions and devotional priorities changed and developed.

There is an excerpt from what appears to be a 14th century martyrdom of St Edmund. Troston is about halfway between the probable site of that martyrdom in Hoxne and the final resting place at Bury Abbey. These paintings are all on the north wall, but above them all, over the chancel arch, sits a 15th century Christ in Judgement.