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Lofft Day 2017


In September 2017 the residents of Troston celebrated 'Lofft Day'. A chance to remember the Lofft family who used to own Troston Hall.  The day was great fun and  helped bring the community together .

There were  about 135 entries for the Art Show Food made by kids churchin the Church. The children's papier-mâché models in particular were brilliant. Although the deconstructed “Mindcraft" apple perplexed many older residents.

Roger Anderson's research on the Lofft Family was amazing and displayed on big posters around the Village Hall. Councillors Roger Anderson and Graeme Norris enjoyed getting into their roles for the day. Graeme and Roger

The tea and biscuits kindly provided by the WI was much appreciated. 

The Village Hall hosted the Craft Event and Fete Games Heptathlon which provided a popular entertainment for the younger children.

Having The Bull open and run so well gave a very tangible sense to living in a great community. Everyone enjoyed the hog roast.  The Green Dragons Morris Dancers added to the entertainment and brought back images of the menace of the vigilantes that roamed after the enclosures of the common land.Poppy display

Thanks also to the RAF Choir and the music from the Medics at the West Suffolk which all added to the evening.

Clares-Turnip-Poem The Turnip Prize was won by a very worthy entry and the Robinson’s now have a golden edition to their mantle piece.

Some more items from the day that may of interest are the Whig or Tory quiz and Lofft Day food